September 24, 2017 / pictures
April 17, 2017 / pictures

Run Run Run

"It was like everything caught up with me all at once, like I'd been running and running and running, and suddenly my heart had slammed right back into my body." Read more

January 18, 2017 / shipkids / writing

Bad Advice

Some really bad advice. Read more

January 18, 2017 / writing
October 30, 2016 / pictures
October 22, 2016 / pictures

In the backyard #1

"But we left anyway." Read more

August 14, 2016 / writing / short


"When they were young, how our kids would slide down the stairs on their tummy and giggle. The smell of garlic and onions and dinner coming from that closed off kitchen. Kids on the floor amongst toys. The light shining in from the sun and moving across the floor as the day passed." Read more

December 2, 2015 / writing

On Leaving Indianapolis

On leaving Indianapolis, on ghosts, on memory, on dying, on almost dying, on life, on monuments, on moving, on late-night seances, on catacombs, on rabbit blood, on cities, on white guilt, on Mayor Greg Ballard, and on Matthew Theobald. Read more

May 23, 2015 / writing

License Plates

"Everything came from somewhere. Someone brought it here. Then someone chose to throw it up on the wall. All of that is intentional, a fundamental of design. So is this place designed, or not?" Read more

September 1, 2014 / writing