In the backyard #2

"In and out, in and and out." Read more

August 9, 2019 / writing / short
February 3, 2019 / pictures
January 21, 2019 / pictures

Dates from a Train #001: Kimball House

Dates From a Train is a series of conversations between my wife and me about restaurants and date ideas in Atlanta that are accessible via MARTA trains. Our inaugural Date From a Train took place on our anniversary at Kimball House in Decatur. Read more

January 9, 2019 / Dates From a Train

Be Excellent to Each Other: Determinative Optimism in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures

"I choose to reject the idea that one mistake can change reality. I believe in a reality where the phrases, 'Be excellent to each other' and 'Party on' have a profound meaning. And I believe in a reality where the repetition of these words doesn’t diminish their meaning but strengthens it." Read more

January 9, 2019 / writing

My Biscuits That Rise Recipe

This is how I do make biscuits that rise and why I made them. Read more

January 5, 2019 / recipes / writing
January 4, 2019 / pictures
January 4, 2019 / pictures

We are standing in the middle of a broad, long beach.

"I feel helpless at Sapelo, though I don't think much of it. But when I face into it, I realize that I am only playing a role in a large system playing itself out. Everything big and small with and in a place and a direction." Read more

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