You Will Not Escape Sadness

I’m writing a book called Ship Kids. This is an excerpt that may or not make it into the book.


I need to tell you something. You will not escape sadness. You will find it, or it will find you. You will lose something. And you will be lost. And when you feel it, it will tear you apart from the inside out. It is a vicious inhumane beast. And when it happens you will feel alone. In the moment when you have lost everything, you will feel so, so alone, like awakening in a dark soundless room, with only a crack of light at the door, and the soft sound of outside quiet footsteps. Or it will feel like you stand on the cusp of a great dark abyss, with sharp teeth for walls. But listen to me Kay. You are not alone. The rooms fold together, you see. Space and time as dividing walls dissolve. When you experience pain, you are feeling the same thing we’ve all felt. To live is pain. So. Deal with it. You have been dealt. So deal.”

September 26, 2017 / shipkids / writing