Time Is Tiny Moments

I’m writing a book called Ship Kids. This is an excerpt that may or not make it into the book.


The way time, expansive and stretched as it is, slices into tiny moments. The way you can see without hearing. The way a window becomes a frame. The way tiny, tiny things spring up from the flatness of the expanse of time like shoots of grass. Mundane, common, special, sacred. The way these tiny contradicting moments pass into the next. The way they fall back into the passage of time gracefully. The way they fold and add up to something more than the single moment. Life life life life life life life… At the end I figure we’ll see it all, and see it having happened at once rather then the way we do now which is a progression of moments. To see our lives as a Thing, free from the linearity of time, might free us to see it for what it is, really is, rather than the snapshot of the moment we live.”

September 26, 2017 / shipkids / writing