My dream is the same every night

I’m writing a book called Ship Kids. This is an excerpt that may or not make it into the book.


My dream is the same every night. I am standing in a perfectly flat desert. I can’t see the end of the desert. It stretches in every direction. It’s dark out but not yet night. I cannot see any sun or stars.”

That doesn’t sound too bad.”

Above me is a sphere. Though I can tell it doesn’t stretch to the horizon, if I look up it occupies all of my vision. It feels,” he paused, looking for the word, imminent. It is falling without moving.”

Ok. That’s weird.”

The sphere is seamless and grey. Grey, grey, grey. It feels vast. Dense.”

And then?”

That’s it. The state persists. Nothing changes. I exist under the imminence of the falling not falling sphere, never touching or moving. It feels like a scene pregnant with movement but never giving birth to anything but the perpetuation of the single moment.”

I wonder what will be happening when the dream changes.”

A changed dream would scare me more than the dream does.”

June 2, 2018 / shipkids / writing