In the backyard #2

It is another summer,
everything sweat and sweetness,
and while you weren’t looking
the peach tree grew up.

Now its branches arc lacquidiscally.
Laden with full fuzzy peaches
they brush the backyard grass
like fingers across skin.

to be there.
to lay under the canopy.
to look up.
to rock my head slightly back and forth back and forth.
to watch the sun blink.

In and out
In and out
In and out

The peach tree isn’t mine anymore
but what life was ever for us to own anyway?

Strangers live here now and no one knows them
but everything moves forward, don’t it;
we are all strangers in this body river

In and out
In and out
In and out

I gave it all up to leave
to become someone else’s stranger,
but when I want to come home
and be known,
and often
I do, I do, I do,
I will think of that peach tree
and its canopy.

The prickle of the grass on my scalp,
the sun trickling through leaves.

In and out
In and out
In and out

Nothing is easy anymore, is it

nothing is easy

August 9, 2019 / writing / short